My child has just started to play tennis, is the 941 Tennis Circuit the right place for a new player?

If the player can serve the ball and (for the most part) keep score, then they will fit right in!


I have a USTA Ranking, can I play in the 941 Tennis Circuit?

The 941 league was created with the intention to provide competitive match play for Southwest Florida junior players of all levels. Many of the 941 players compete at the USTA level and find it beneficial to participate in our events to enhance their competitive edge. 

I am 12 years old may I play "up" in the 941 Tennis Circuit  and play in the 14s Division?

Yes, any 941 Tennis Circuit Registered Player may play "up" a division.  Any points you earn however will be applied to the division you play.


Why do I need an Annual Registration to play 941 Tennis Circuit Tournaments?

The 941 Tennis Circuit Annual Registration Fee covers the administration cost, website maintenance, awards and prizes for the current years season.


How many tournaments will the 941 Tennis Circuit offer for the 2019 Season?

The 941 Tennis Circuit has several tournament opportunities scheduled for the 2019 Season.  At this time there are 20 tournaments scheduled for the year.  Weather, addition of new hosting sites and expanded divisions may alter this number.  Please check the 941 Tennis Circuit "Tournament Schedule" web page for updated information.


Am I required to play a certain number of 941 Tennis Circuit Tournaments throughout the year?

There are no tournament playing requirements. As an Annual Registered 941 Tennis Circuit Players you may play as many or as few tournaments as you like.